Office Information
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Office Locations:

My office is located at 1314 Westwood Blvd, Suite #211, Los Angeles, California 90024.  The office is situated on the East side of Westwood Blvd: it is North of Santa Monica Blvd and one and a half blocks South of Wilshire Blvd.  The closest southern street is Rochester and closest northern street is Wellworth.  The office is on the second floor of the building, there is a barber shop next door.

I can now offer my parking space behind the building for your use on for evening appointments and at some other times, just ask me for details after your first session !  

You might want to print a copy of this to bring with you. can provide a map of the area.

Here are some parking options:

a.       Metered parking on Westwood Blvd.  Two hour meters start immediately South of Ohio Street.  It is usually easier to find a meter near the 7-11 than in front of the office. There also are sometimes open one hour meters if you drive East on Wellworth and North on Glendon.  Bring Quarters !!!! you will need 25 cents for each 30 minutes; quarters only!  The closer you get towards the street Rochester and the Borders Book Store the harder it will be to find an open meter on Westwood Blvd.  Some of the metered spaces close to my office are only for 30 minutes.  BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE STREET PARKING SIGNS, especially on Wellworth, the tow-truck hangs out there and at 4:00 PM each day starts to tow.  The meter maids are unforgiving in Westwood, many patients have told me of their 35 dollar ticket, if you are at a one hour meter please let me know, because our session might run over.

b. Borders Bookstore CLOSED as of 4/2011

c.  Free neighborhood 2-hour street parking My office is located on Westwood immediately north of Rochester, if you drive two full blocks East of Westwood Blvd on Rochester, just past Glendon you can park for two hours for free.  It is a short but hilly walk.  Before 6 PM only, Please check the streets signs careful to verify it is not a permit only area you are in.

For Appointments at 7 PM: there is a loading space right in front of the eye glass shop, which is right near my office as well.  You can use this space AFTER 7 PM, the eye glasses guy was kind about this so. PLEASE do not park there more than a minute or so prior to 7 PM.  Also, in the back alley, behind the office (enter from Rochester) is another eye glass space.  

Session Fee/Cost: please call me for the current session rate.

Gambling therapy for the first 8 hours will be free if you enroll in the program


I can bill some insurance policies for partial payment, but not Kaiser Permanente or most HMOs.  If you want me to bill your insurance please call your insurance directly and ask about outpatient mental health benefits for non-parity diagnosis with a Ph.D. level Psychologist.  My tax ID is 48-1303939 you will need this to see if I am in network. There are a few insurance companies that have my social security so if this does not work use my name.  Please print this out for when you call them.


                                   1.  What is my deductible for the year?

                                   2.  Have I met my deductible yet?

                                   3.  Is there a maximum number of sessions per year?

                                    4. How much is my co-payment?

                                    5. What the benefits for Parity and Non-Parity treatment. Parity means that the person has a Psychological problem that is severe enough to be considered a medical issue as well, this would include 
bulletSchizoaffective Disorder
bulletBipolar Disorder
bulletMajor Depression
bulletObsessive-Compulsive Disorder
bulletPanic Disorder
bulletEating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa)
bulletAutism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder
bulletSerious Emotional Disturbance in children and

These mental health problems that might exist in addition to the gambling problem are covered differently by all insurance companies than the "non-parity" diagnoses. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions about this. 



This takes some time, but I need this information and I really appreciate your taking the time to do this in advance of seeing me.  If you are getting discouraged by the process please call me.

Length of session is 50 minutes, the additional 10 minutes is for note writing.  Extended sessions are sometimes available.  Most psychologists keep a very tight schedule, that is we start and end right on time, keeping it consistent between patients, so please try to arrive on time.

I am available Monday through Thursday for individual sessions, Forensic and legal evaluations are only conducted on Mondays and typically last for 4-6 hours.  Individual sessions are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Phone sessions are usually on Fridays.  A few evening appointments MIGHT be available on Tuesday, Wednesday evenings.  


Please call me if you would like to discuss any of this in more detail.