SOGS Scoring
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Scores on the SOGS are determined by scoring one point for each question that shows the "at risk" response indicated and adding the total points.

Question 1 Not counted

Question 2 Not counted

Question 3 Not counted

Question 4 ________ Most of the time I lose, or Yes, every time I lose

Question 5 ________ Yes, less than half the time I lose or Yes, most of the time

Question 6 ________ Yes, in the past but not now or Yes

Question 7 ________ Yes

Question 8 ________ Yes

Question 9 ________ Yes

Question 10________ Yes

Question 11________ Yes

Question 12 Not counted

Question 13________ Yes

Question 14________ Yes

Question 15________ Yes

Question 16a________Yes

Question 16b________Yes

Question 16c________Yes

Question 16d________Yes

Question 16e________Yes

Question 16f________Yes

Question 16g________Yes

Question 16h________Yes

Question 16i________ Yes

Question 16j Not counted

Question 16k Not counted



TOTAL: ___________

(maximum score = 20)

Interpreting the score:

0 No problem with gambling

1-4 Some problems with gambling

5 or more Probable Pathological Gambler