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So here is the really big new that I have been waiting for since 1998:

The State of California, in conjunction with the California Office on Problem Gambling (OPG) and the Department of Mental Health is now offering a comprehensive Statewide program to address the gambling related problems. The first phase of this program involved several research and public awareness projects. The second phase involved training several hundred new therapists to treat gambling problems and the third phase is to actually provide completely free treatment. The pilot phase of this program is now underway and hopefully we will be renewed in June of 2011 for a full 2 year cycle. In the meantime I can provide 8 treatment hours to ANYONE who has a gambling issue. The criteria is not very hard to meet, almost anyone will qualify. There is a modest research aspect involved that requires filling out a few short forms and having a very brief treatment progress update completed before each session. In addition there is a follow-up telephone survey at the end of the sessions.  It is impossible for me to describe to you how amazing this program is for me. For so many years I was taking telephone call from gamblers seeking help who had no insurance and no means at all to pay for it. While I was able to accommodate some of them, many I could not and I found this heartbreaking to hear the stories of suffering persons and families and to not be able to see them. So, if you are interested in this program please contact me by phone, or you can use my email.  I have to spell out some of the words otherwise I will get a ton of spam:

drgeff (at -use the symbol) yahoo dot (use a period) com 

You MUST state the words "treatment inquiry" in the subject heading !!!

This offer is only available for patient who can personally attend therapy in my office in West LA. If you can not personally attend sessions in my office please use the "helpful links" tab for more information.  Further information about my office can be found by clicking the link for 
Office information at the top of this page... please review that information prior to contacting me, thanks


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